We heart Sharks

Sharks are adorable dogs of the oceans.

They’re playful and docile creatures. Yes, POPULAR MEDIA DEMONIZING SHARKS HAVE BEEN LYING TO YOU.

Other sea creatures depend on sharks for sustenance and survival.

But because of continued human exploitation and predatory behavior, the shark population continues to decrease.

As such, those of us who understand their plight need to protect them because the continued decline in their population is already disrupting the entire marine ecosystem.

To do this, we donate to shark conservation groups that protect the world’s marine resources by promoting sustainable policies and robust and enforceable trade regulations.

So, basically, WE HELP SHARKS!

And you can too!


The Shark Crisis

Shark conservation is a global issue. Scientists estimate that about 100 million sharks are killed every year and that nearly a quarter of all shark species are threatened with extinction. Because these predators are vital to the health of our seas and coastal towns, their decline threatens millions of people’s livelihoods and food security.

Conservation efforts currently do not match the level of the ongoing crisis. There is a dire need for major global investments to be made in policy and long-term monitoring. We must act quickly to save our sharks.